Take Your Dog to Work, Croton

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Friday, June 22 is "Take Your Dog to Work Day."
Friday, June 22 is "Take Your Dog to Work Day." Photo Credit: Contributed by Best Friends Pet Care

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Boss got you down? Soothe your savage supervisor with a healthy dose of canine cuteness. Friday, June 22 is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”  

“Having dogs in the office can be a positive experience if pet owners are respectful of their co-workers,” says Joan Nieman, a pet care expert and Vice President of Best Friends Pet Care, the national pet care services company, where employees bring their dogs to work every day.

Best Friends cites a recent article in the International Journal of Workplace Health, which reports on a study from Virginia Commonwealth University, which found that having dogs in the workplace can reduce employee stress, increase job satisfaction and work commitment.

“It’s important for people to be realistic about their pets’ temperament and training,” explains Nieman. She recommends only bringing a dog to the office if the dog is already accustomed to being well behaved in other highly social situations. “You have to know that your dog will behave appropriately around other dogs.”

Good behavior notwithstanding, Neiman says dog owners should talk to co-workers in advance about everything from allergies to comfort levels around man’s best friend. Nieman also suggests bringing along a pet or baby gate, so the dog can be restricted to one area; a designated doggy water bowl (don’t forget a plastic mat for under the bowl to prevent damage to office carpeting); and plastic bags for cleaning up when the dog does its own “business” for the day.

For more advice on successfully negotiating Take your Dog to Work Day, visit Nieman’s blog at www.bestfriendspetcare.com/dog-dish

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Comments (12)

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and I raise serious doubts about your figure of 15 deaths in America by dogs, there is actually no way that number is right and i dare you to find proof of such an absurd statistic. I'm always seeing stories in the media about http://www.marialist.com/for-sale/animals/get-english-bulldog-puppies-for-sale-in-california_771
kids being ripped apart by the family dog and other brutal attacks.


My dog has basically become my fifth child. We love him. However, I could never bring him into a work setting. As a beagle he gets too excited a his bark is so..... loud. That's OK. Part of being a family is accepting one another just as we are. LOL. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY

Love It!! :)

not everyone likes dogs. in fact, dogs are responsible for many deaths (jumping on the elderly and young) and their feces in parks have covered my son many times from rolling around in the grass, people should keep this in mind when they own dogs and let them jump on everyone and defecate everywhere, also, ridge road park has become a dog only park, nobody leases their dogs or cleans up after them. I used to take my son there all the time, but haven't been back in years, my son calls it "dog poop park" its a real problem

What does defecation in the park have to do with taking your dog to work? There has always been a problem with irresponsible dog owners, not dogs. Last year there were 15 fatal attacks by dogs in this country, hardly the "many" deaths you claim. As a dog bite survivor (83 stitches on my face and head), I bear no ill will to the dogs. They are animals. Are you more upset about the poop or the alleged many deaths?

and I raise serious doubts about your figure of 15 deaths in America by dogs, there is actually no way that number is right and i dare you to find proof of such an absurd statistic. I'm always seeing stories in the media about kids being ripped apart by the family dog and other brutal attacks.

Mauled and death are two seperate things. And don't feel bad for me b/c of the dog bite (although I feel bad for youe grandmother and aunt), the one good thing that came out of it was my healthy respect for dogs as animals and not "babies." A trait which I gladly have passed along to my children. BTW my point was that responible dog owners are just that, responsible.


thank you for clarifying that "Mauled and Death" are different things, that makes it so much better, that list you posted is meaningless, my grandmother isn't on the 2011 victims list they have, so, please, if you ask me, 15 deaths may account for NY alone. I never said there weren't responsible dog owners and I never said you weren't one, again, i'm simply pointing out the fact that dog owners are usually clueless to the fact that not everyone likes dogs, that's just a fact, and if you want to go on living in some fantasy world where you think everyone likes dogs, that's fine, just keep them off my lawn and away from my kids

I'm just saying that people bring their dogs everywhere and expect that everyone's going to like it,well, not everyone does, i don't like dogs sniffing and slobbering all over my crotch while the owner laughs and says "Good Dog" I don't like it when dogs crap on my lawn or in the park, I don't like it when , in a park that has signs everywhere saying, ALL DOG S MUST BE ON A LEASH. and I have never seen a dog on a leash in this park, and I've had my son (in addition to the poop) knocked over by giant dogs , not on a leash, I don't like it, do I bear any ill will to dogs? absolutely not, I"m just saying, people are oblivious to the fact that not everyone likes dogs and its sad how dogs are treated better than human beings in a lot of cases. also, in response to your severe bite, I am sorry for that. my grandmother was killed last year by a dog, who she knew, jumping on her, knocking her over and cracking her skull open, I watched someone get severely bitten right in front of my eyes and need 28 stitches in his rump, my aunt cant talk anymore because of the brain damage she received by getting knocked over by a neighborhood dog. so I certainly do sympathize. I certainly hope you can understand my viewpoint as well

I started my own company back in 1994, and from that point on, I always took my dogs to work, and when employees got a new puppy, so did they, it was the best way to socialize them. I'm a dog trainer with Australian Shepherds and Border Collies who perform in major Obedience, Rally and Agility competitions.