Peekskill Pie Makers Head To The Super Bowl

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Gay Wheeler-Smith and Kecia Palmer-Cousins will be serving their sweet potato pies to VIPs at the Super Bowl.
Gay Wheeler-Smith and Kecia Palmer-Cousins will be serving their sweet potato pies to VIPs at the Super Bowl. Photo Credit: Courtesy of G and K Sweet Foods

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. -- VIPs at the Super Bowl will get to see Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman and try the sweet potato pie of Peekskill-based G and K Sweet Foods. 

Gay Wheeler-Smith and and Kecia Palmer-Cousins are the CEOs of the company which will be on hand at the big game, serving their pies to VIPs. Both said they were excited for the opportunity to showcase their business and their pie.

The duo received an email a few weeks after last year's Super Bowl about an informational session to become vendors at the game.

They met members of the host committee and more importantly, shared samples of their cookies and pies. 

"We are excited to be a part of Super Bowl 48," Palmer-Cousins said. "This will be the most watched event in the country."

Both Wheeler-Smith and Palmer-Cousins said their sweet potato pie is the best in the country.

"It melts in your mouth," Palmer-Cousins said. "It is  yummy goodness."

Palmer-Cousins grew up a Steelers fan, rooting for Franco Harris but now said she roots for the Giants. Wheeler-Smith said she also grew up rooting for the Steelers because of Lynn Swann, but she was also a fan of Joe Namath and the 1969 Jets.

"This is an opportunity for a lot of people to taste our pies," Palmer-Cousins said. "There are not too many companies from Westchester, especially owned by women that get to be a part of the Super Bowl."

The women said being a part of the Super Bowl is a great marketing tool and they hope to use it to grow their business.

"It will allow us to build relationships," Palmer-Cousins said. "We can meet potential clients and customers."

Wheeler-Smith said she is excited to be a part of history.

"This is the first time two states have co-hosted a Super Bowl," Wheeler-Smith said.

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Comments (6)

You have worked at what you do,very hard, hey! Don't sell that family

Congratulations ladies! I love that we'll have local gals representing our community.

Congrats & good for you, ladies! Wish you the best...and don't those treats look SCRUMPTIOUS!!

Sweet potato pie, eh? Sounds wonderful! Hope you grow the business...

Where can I buy one of your pies?