It's A Boy! Royal Baby Finally Arrives

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It's a boy.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William welcomed their much-anticipated first child Monday, according to published reports. The name will be released when the family leaves the hospital.

The baby was born at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital in London. It is the same hospital Prince William and his brother Harry were born in.

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Comments (10)


Quite. And why DID the DV keep removing your comments?

I wish I knew. You can ask Tom Renner that question.
It seems as though I'm not supportive enough of their stories or writers, so I get censored. Interesting, isn't it?

Indeed. The ironically named "Daily Voice" doesn't believe in your First Amendment rights! That IS interesting...

Who cares? Just another Royal freeloader to live off the tax dollars collected from the hard working English people.

The "Royal freeloaders provides the Britts some good PR for tourism. What do we get for the freeloaders in this country?

Yeah, but the Brits love it, and if it makes them happy, go for it. Certainly no worse than the freeloaders we have squatting in the White House, and a lot less expensive.

Correction: SOME Brits love it. A significant number want to see these freeloaders pushed off their perch.

MrR, it's better than reporting 'it's hot outside.'

How, exactly, is this, in any way, "river towns" news?