What Does Future Hold For Cortlandt's Barnes & Noble?

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Barnes & Noble CEO Mitchell Klipper said the bookstore chain could close as many as one-third of its stores over the next decade. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Barnes & Noble, which has a store in Cortlandt Town Center, could close a third of its brick and mortar stores in the next 10 years, according to a Wall Street Journal interview with the bookstore's chief executive.


What would you think if the Cortlandt Town Center Barnes and Noble store closed?

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What would you think if the Cortlandt Town Center Barnes and Noble store closed?

  • I don't go to the bookstore much anymore, so it doesn't matter to me.

  • I go to the bookstore all the time, this would stink!

  • I don't go to the bookstore much, but wouldn't want to see it close.

  • It doesn't matter to me if the bookstore closes.

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The chain expects to close about 20 stores per year, dropping its total number of physical locations from 689 to 450 to 500, CEO Mitchell Klipper told the Journal.

This is not a change in its rate of store closures, Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said in a statement.

"Of that number, some of the stores are unprofitable while others are relocations to better properties. The numbers reported today by the Wall Street Journal are consistent with analysts’ expectations," Keating said.

Barnes & Noble opened two prototype stores in 2012 and plans to test several other prototypes in 2013. Keating said, "The company’s management is fully committed to the retail concept for the long term.”

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Comments (2)


I would shop at this brick and mortar store and have tried, the problem is my children have books they want - and when shop at this B and N - they never have the books we are looking for. Sure they have lots of crappy cook books and they proudly display a huge amount discounted "gift items" but their supply of actual books is sorely lacking. So we go home and order the books online. B and N could stop blaming online and clear out the clutter in their stores (before it is compared to a dollar store) and stock some more books. And the pressure they apply at check out to buy the customer card is too aggressive.

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