Gas Price Strategies Divide Cortlandt Drivers

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The Gulf station in Croton had the highest gas price on Riverside Avenue Friday afternoon.
The Gulf station in Croton had the highest gas price on Riverside Avenue Friday afternoon. Photo Credit: Jessica Glenza

CORTLANDT, N.Y. – As residents hunt for the lowest price at the gasoline pumps, not all Cortlandt residents can agree on how best to handle local gas prices averaging $4 a gallon.

"They hurt us a lot, because one month it's around $4.29," said Croton Village and County Taxi driver Ahmed Akpinar. "Usually I go down to the airport. It's 50, 60 cents cheaper down there," he said.

Akpinar said gas is cheaper outside of Westchester, "even Queens."

Manuel Jarama, driver for Ecuataxi based in Ossining, said to him it makes no difference.

"They're almost quite the same," he said. "It's even for everybody. It hurts for everybody."

On Croton's Riverside Avenue, the least expensive gas was $4.09, and both Lukoil and Citgo sold at that price.

Gulf, by far, had the most expensive gas Friday afternoon, at $4.39.

The average gas price in New York, according to, is $3.94 a gallon for regular. The website lists Cortlandt's least expensive gas at $3.89, at the Sunoco on Sprout Brook Road and Albany Post Road. The most expensive gas was at Shell, at 3017 E. Main St., Cortlandt, at $4.15.

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Comments (6)

There were inconsistent reports on elements affecting the price of fuel in Friday's news. Just as an ample supply is driving down the price of oil, along comes Sandy, the "Frankenstorm," to cause rumors of a potential hike in gasoline costs. A cash advance can help you pay for your gas.

Your comment about Ethanol doesn't really make sense; you have to have a special car to use it, so it's not like people can just "decide" to buy it when they see the high price of regular.

sayitsnotso, I have to laugh when I read your comments - 'pie in the sky solar and wind energy'; 'beloved socialistic Europe'. Thanks for the chuckle.

the appalacian market on rt9 has the lowest around, b/c its in putnam across from greymore

When fuel prices were lower than this the media was screaming about it every day blaming George Bush, but now not a word spoken about Obumma and his pie in the sky solar and wind energy, and his failure to drill and accept the pipeline? Early in his reign, he said he wanted gas prices like in his beloved socialistic Europe. We are not there yet but each day we are getting closer from his failed leadership.

This particular gas station has higher prices on its gasoline because it is trying to promote its ETHANOl. It is the only station in the area to sell ethanol and it cost a lot of money to bring it in. So they prefer you buy that since its $3.49 a gallon.