AOL Unloads Most Of Patch Hyperlocal Websites

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AOL announced it has sold its controlling interest in to holding company Hale Global.
AOL announced it has sold its controlling interest in to holding company Hale Global. Photo Credit:

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- AOL announced it has given up its controlling interest in, a national hyperlocal website that includes coverage of several communities in Westchester County, to Hale Global, a holding company, according to Business Insider. 

Nationwide, consists of 900 local news sites. AOL made a significant financial investment, but wasn't able to make it profitable by the end of 2013, as was AOL CEO Tim Armstrong's claim, Business Insider reported. 

Details of the deal between AOL and Hale Global have not yet been disclosed, according to Business Insider. 

Daily Voice founder and CEO Carll Tucker issued a statement about the news:

“Daily Voice and AOL-Patch began at about the same time with the same ambition – to deliver quality community news online to towns and villages and smaller cities across America. AOL-Patch got big fast. Daily Voice chose to develop a profitable model before propagating it," Tucker said. 

“Daily Voice competes with countless contenders for our visitors’ time and attention. Patch was only one of many. With more than half a million unique monthly visitors in Westchester and Fairfield, Daily Voice is now the region’s largest news provider. We look forward to serving our visitors and customers better and better in the future.”

Click here to read the full Business Insider article. 

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Comments (4)

Why knock the Patch? Some of your stories have links to there. The Patch is screwed up if you subscribe to more then one area, they can't seem to get it right.

Carllll -- Are you insane??

...or just drinking again...?

How do you compare The Voice to Patch? The Voice re-links stories from other websites when it is not running paid puff pieces for local businesses disguised as news. What your interns and recent college grads do is not journalism, it is "click farming." Which is fine, kids gotta make a living, but puh-lease don't be comparing yourself with Patch or LoHud or any of the other actual local journalism outlets in the area.

Are you kidding? Way to lift that headline from the WSJ. I don't consider your regurgitation, plus slanted input from Tucker, to be breaking news.